JJTwins Corp

Home page - Russian Version

The following project included the promotion of the following web sites www.resume2impress.com, www.jjtwins.com, www.solutionrus.com, www.ezticketsweb.com by making them accessible to the Russian speaking Internet community.

According to the customer’s plan, the whole website did not have to be localized. Instead the “meaning-load” of the site content was to be concentrated in one press release. Basically what a user sees when entering the web site is a button on the menu bar, which reads “press release” in Russian, and by clicking on it one gets a thorough idea of what the project is all about.

The key point in the project of translating four different press releases, linked to one corporation, was to remember the necessary keywords and insert them in proper places of the localized documents. And most essential was the implementation of different PR techniques for a different market. What works well for Americans, doesn’t sound tempting to Russians and vice versa.

Thus the objective was not merely to translate the press releases, but “to localize” them in the deepest meaning of the word, that is the original text sometimes underwent fundamental changes in order to be instilled into a different linguistic community.

Such projects cannot have been carried out without straightforward and timely buyer-provider communication. Provider’s flexibility and buyer’s cooperation combined have generated a great deal of Russian publicity around JJTwins Corporation – which was the customer’s ultimate goal.