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The mission of My Real Estate Life Online is to serve the needs of all real estate investors whether they are new to the business, part time, full time or any combination thereof.

This site was created for real estate investors to learn from our experiences as well as the experiences of other investors around the world. Our goal is to give real estate investors quality information and to help others acheive their goals more quickly.

Brad and Chris have a variety of experiences in the real estate industry that set them apart from other real estate investors. Their experiences encompass 6 different aspects of the business. These experiences create a unique blend of insight. Chris is an agent, a broker, a property manager, and has owned over 200 units. Brad is an REO agent (representing banks), a private lender, and has bought and sold over 100 properties.

Together, Brad and Chris have lots of insight to share, and their experiences are now available for others. Brad and Chris are passionate about telling their story to others to that other real estate investors don't make the same mistakes that they have made.

The website was created on Drupal 5 CMS. A lot of modules were used, for example, Ubercart (ecommerce), Advanced Forum, different access control to the content. Some modules have been improved with jQuery (e.g.: loading list of buddies on sending private message). The site is distinguished by very heavy theming.