About Us

A couple of years ago two young people, Darya and Pasha, decided to switch from their status of full-time in-house employees to independent contractors, or freelancers. Over these two years they have established solid business connections, completed a considerable amount of projects, and finally arrived at the point when a company appeared to be the most effective means of further doing their business. Darya and Pasha allied to establish Yep Corp Limited - a small but effective team of professionals - to offer top quality, price-oriented web development and localization services with a high emphasis on personal approach to each customer and every project.

Pasha Korovkin

PHP Developer

Pasha wrote his first program at the age of 12 when they were still using Baltic (Z80-based) computers – a rather progressive technology back at that time. Since then computer and programming have become Pasha's bread and butter, as well as have defined the course of his life.

When still in high school Pasha participated and won several state contests in computer programming and this had ensured his successful entry into Belorussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. While working to his Master's degree Pasha engaged into a full-time employment and obtained enough work experience even before his formal graduation.

However, on completion of his study course (a total of 6 years) Pasha got enough of the 40-hour work week and arid projects and decided to take a turn into a different direction. Freelance programming, working on web development projects for different employers might seem easy and exciting at first sight, but it requires a lot more flexibility, concentration, and dedication.

Over these two years Pasha has learned tons of new things, completed a large variety of projects, ranging from simple PHP website development, to creating custom modules for Drupal, and even working with Zend Framework. This ability to quickly grasp new ideas, always staying on the cutting edge of new trends is the key to Pasha's successful performance on this market niche. However, not only pure knowledge and professionalism draw customers to the most successful providers. All clients admit that Pasha's exceptional communication and thorough attitude to every project are the reasons why the end result appears to be of prime quality and the cooperation throughout the project always develops into a long and productive partnership.

Darya Yafimava

Certified translator-->English/Russian/German/French-site-localization

Darya decided to pursue her career as a language specialist back at the time when she was selected to participate in the FLEX program winning the US Senate scholarship to go to the US as an exchange student. She lived and studied at the American high school for the whole year. Thus she had made her first step on the life-long path of mastering foreign language skills.

On entering Minsk State Linguistic University, Darya already possessed excellent command of English, and five years later she graduated with a double degree, majoring in English and German with a certificate of teaching both these languages. In addition to that she had taken French course and obtained a diploma on its successful completion.

While studying full time at the University, Darya took part-time jobs as an interpreter/translator, acquiring knowledge in a variety of spheres, such as telecommunications (working for the head manager of Ericsson office in Belarus), legal translation (while translating documents for US Embassy in Minsk), the humanities (interpreting at the conference on psychology at Belorussian University of Culture), etc.

Proceeding to her full-time job as an interpreter/translator for a large woodworking company immediately after her graduation, Darya found out over time that she was actually capable of doing a lot more than just mere translation and interpreting.

Starting her career as a freelance translator/interpreter, Darya was invited to work on several website and software localization projects, which she completed to the mutual satisfaction of both the buyer and the provider. Offering her expertise not only in the field of translation/interpreting, but also as a content writer, SEO and localization specialist, Darya constantly develops her existing skills while simultaneously acquiring extra knowledge in various spheres, and this works extremely well for both her and her customers who always return to Darya with new projects and ideas.