Effective Communication for Freelancers - Four Easy Tips

If you decide to switch from a full-time office job to freelancing you need to be prepared to alter a few things in the way you do your job. Those things are not directly related to your specialty. Say, if you are a web designer, you would not have to change anything in the way you create new designs for websites or you will not have to learn new techniques (unless you want to, and surely you always learn something new for your job anyway).

Translators and Adventurers

When it comes to a great many professions and occupations present in the modern world, I doubt that it is possible to name any profession that you can learn at school and practice that same occupation throughout your whole life without ever needing to learn additional knowledge and skills for it.

We call it further education, self-education, career development or skill upgrading. And we all know it is necessary, however very time-consuming and not always directly payable and simply painful at times, especially for those who already have family commitments or overwhelming job hours.

Typing, Internet Research, Data Entry...Commodity Skills and a Bare Necessity

What is work? A job you do every day? If you try to decompose it into smaller pieces, what will you get in the end?

Why Prototype?

If you keep asking yourself this question, you can be assured that you are not alone in wondering what this “grayscreen prototyping” is all about.

For us it simply means the process of developing an easily modified and extensible model of a planned software system, or in our case, a website. What we do, we create one or a series of HTML/CSS documents that would represent the future web application in action.

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